The Trials of Tiah...Riley
Type: eBook
Genre: YA Romance
Publisher: Breedles Publishing
Publication Date: 2014
Length: 54,000 words
Cover: Padraig Designs
Available ebook and print:
Follow Tiah in her romantic adventures as she navigates through the pitfalls of her relationships. From spoiled heiresses, to disgruntled divas Tiah has to deal with how to get closer to the incredibly sexy and very remote Riley Lytton. Crafting a careful relationship with his sister Tiah discovers that perhaps she was better off staying with her original friends. At least that might keep the handsome, but crazy Dante Rossi away from her. Then there is the sexually ambiguous and morally bankrupt billionaire Vaun Dubois. Why was he always around and under foot? Riley’s older brother Connor is hot enough to get her notice and there was the peripheral heartthrob, like Tyler Brighton to keep her on her toes!
Tiah gets jobs, loses jobs, makes friends, loses friends and enjoys a close up view of the rich, powerful and insane of her town. This is the first book in the series and the start of a romantic adventure that leads Tiah from delight to despair while she faces the truths within her life.