The Trials of Tiah...Dante
Type: eBook/
Genre: YA Romance
Publisher: Breedles Publishing
Publication Date: 2015
Length: 134 pages
Cover: Padraig Designs
Available in ebook
In Book Two of the series Tiah continues her misadventures in romance by giving up on the gorgeous Riley Lytton, youngest son of a wealthy wine baron. She discovers herself tangled in up with the smouldering but spoiled Dante Rossi, the rebellious son determined not to take over his parents prosperous restaurant chain. Determined not to let Dante use her to cover for him, Tiah finds herself at odds with someone who manages to kiss her and shout at her in the same ten minutes. Their relationship goes everywhere except where she wants due to the interference of the scary billionaire Vaun Dubois. Why is he still haunting her life?
Why is he so interested in her? Tiah tries to protect her friends from the unwelcome and dangerous interest of Vaun Dubois and winds up in a bigger mess than even she could imagine. Will there be any happy endings for a girl foolish enough to face the manipulation of Ravenvale’s most treacherous villain? Tiah’s not sure she’s going to survive the day, much less dealing with the devil!