Lucas Locke and The Vile Shadow Beasts
Type: eBook/printbook
Genre: MG/YA Crossover Adventure
Publisher: Breedles Publishing
Publication Date: 2014
Length: 65,400 words
Cover: Padraig Designs
Art: Zoe Fletcher
Available in both ebook and printbook
Maybe spoiled, maybe selfish, and maybe not as human as he looks, Lucas Locke could be any boy from anywhere, except he isn’t. Lucas is the boy stolen from the only world he remembers by a magic book that could be a spell or curse, no one knows for certain. So what would happen if you fell into a magical world that had no magic, but everyone expects it of you?

Transported into a cursed prison called The Garden of Eternal Sorrow, he must free the inhabitants in order to get home. Only he doesn’t have magic or know how to find it.With the help of a gnome and a girl warrior, they battle the Vile Shadow Beasts and face evil from The Four Kingdoms in a quest to break the spell.